Stabb Designs’ background is rooted in mechanical engineering and design. Justin Stabb; owner, has worked with companies on projects that include design modification, installation and on-site modification, robotic end of arm tooling, and creating manufacturing equipment.

Concept Renderings

Our professional concept rendering services provide customers with detailed 3D images and models for use in proposals or initial project documentation. We provide a level of detail that enables you to use our concept renderings as a supporting document in a Request for Quote (RFQ) with any contractor or manufacturer. Our designs will enable you to easily move your concept into manufacture thanks to our technical expertise and understanding of manufacturing systems.

Machine Design

Stabb Designs offers machine design services at every level. Our experience allows to not only respond to your needs, but anticipate what your next need will be. From single component tooling to complex automated systems, we will design the best answer for you.