Create Connection.


83 Custom Coffee was born out of a passion for the art and craft of coffee. With passion all else seems to fall into place.

The Coffee shop rolled into High Point in January of 2018 where it has found its permanent home while at the same time making locals scratch their heads at it’s odd concept. Guests enter in through a historical gateway connected to another small business and then are faced with a barista in the back of a truck serving gourmet coffee and a peaceful hand built patio to lounge on. A little slice of big city in a small town. The truck is always pushing it’s limits to see just how much creativity the town can hold, which means an expansion into the small business next door.

This little coffee shop has been the gateway for many big and meaningful connections between Stabb Designs and High Pointers, some who dabble in unique crafts and some with visionary businesses.

Often walking into meetings with clients or rubbing shoulders with acquaintances comments are made about the “black truck” parked on main street where they get their morning fix. “The best and most consistent cup of coffee in town.” With a growing smile we enjoy saying, “yes, we own that truck.” There is such joy in pouring over the details. Making sure each espresso shot is perfectly weighted and measured out or that each small available space is used most efficiently.

Small details pull people in inviting them to lean closer and make a connection. If someone has recognized quality in a cup of coffee then it is easy to invite them to trust the quality and care in our design.

If you are in High Point, NC stop in for coffee and have a seat on our patio you are sure to make some creative connections.

1212 N Main St

High Point, NC 27262